Promoting the Sport of Curling 
in The Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains Curling Centre has arranged for 14 Fridays of curling on a 4 sheet conversion in the Beaver Valley Arena. 

2020-21 Season

Curling season will soon be upon us, but this year has been anything but normal with COVID 19 creating countless changes in everything we do. This will also be true for curling.

To have the program viable we are looking for 100 members. 
The Town of the Blue Mountains is planning to put ice in the arena for November 2nd and we will need to confirm our participation by the mid-September.

The decision to open will depend on two factors:
1. The health and safety of members and staff
2. The financial viability of the Curling Centre

To go forward, there would be a requirement to wear face masks, stringent cleaning protocols including hand sanitizers and the cleaning of all equipment after every game. You would need to bring your own equipment including brooms and shoes. There would be minimal socializing before and after the games and social distancing would be in effect on and off the ice.

All participants would be required to sign a waiver to relieve the BMCC of any responsibility should someone become COVID positive while at the arena for curling. There would be no refunds in the event that curling is cancelled part way through the season due to COVID implications.

Please respond to if you are interested in more information.


As a single day facility BMCC will be affordable for both the new and occasional curler and: the group envisions BMCC acting as a complement to the active Membership of the Curling Clubs in the surrounding region as the BMCC will offer lots of practice time and a chance for an extra game each week.  



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